Boilers, like any HVAC system, can occasionally break down and need professional repair service.
But when does the time come when boiler repair isn’t enough anymore? Eventually, toward the end of your boiler’s lifespan, you’ll need to make a decision: will you have it fixed again by a boiler repair service company, or is it better to just replace it? Boiler replacement isn’t always necessary, but in some cases, it might actually be the best option.

Many homeowners are hesitant to replace their boiler completely, due to the initial expense.
This is a valid concern, so it’s a good idea to talk to a heating service contractor to get an honest opinion about the condition of your current boiler.
Even if it has yet to give out completely, it could be a “ticking time bomb” that could fail for good at any time.

Solving Problems with Boiler Repair
Fortunately, you may find that you don’t necessarily need boiler replacement service yet for your steam, gas, or oil boiler system. Experienced HVAC contractors can solve a wide variety of problems with routine boiler repair.
This applies to gas boilers, oil boilers, steam boilers, and water boilers, which are designed differently, and often require different service protocols.

Steam Boiler Repair – In addition to problems with the boiler itself, steam boiler pipes are also susceptible to issues that require professional boiler repairs. One common issue is noisy steam pipes, which can result from water buildup in bent or sagging areas of the pipes. Pipes can also corrode over time, or suffer problems due to excess pressure inside.

Gas Boiler Repair – Gas boilers can suffer from problems like faulty pilot lights, low pressure, rapid cycling, and in serious scenarios, even gas leaks. If you smell gas coming from your boiler, it’s important to shut off the gas right away, exit the home, and call emergency services for further assistance. Ideally, you should have carbon monoxide detectors installed if you use natural gas anywhere in your home.

Water Boiler Repair  – Water boilers come in several types, including electric, oil-to-gas, gas, and radiant heat systems.

When to Replace Your Boiler Instead
Occasionally, you’ll be advised by your local boiler repair company that your boiler either cannot be fixed or isn’t worth the effort and cost to repair. In most cases, this is only a concern with boilers that are at least ten to fifteen years old.
By that time, it’s reaching the end of its intended lifespan, and it simply isn’t designed to hold up for much longer. This may depend on the overall condition of the boiler’s various parts, including the metal tank, steam pipes on steam boilers, burner or ignition system on a gas boiler, or wiring and connections in an electric water boiler.
You’ll also want to take its efficiency, effectiveness, and frequency of repairs into consideration. If your old boiler breaks down frequently, your energy bills are higher than they used to be, and your home doesn’t feel as warm as it should, it might be time to consider boiler replacement.
If you’re not sure if you should opt for boiler repair or boiler replacement, give us a call at Liberty. Our contractors are always happy to talk to you about your boiler service options. Call today at 201-250-7390